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  • How is our office different?
    We believe that chiropractic care is beneficial for everyone (just like dentistry) however, our office may not be for everyone and we understand that. If you are looking for the cheapest, quickest chiropractic care available, we are not that and we suggest you look elsewhere. While we can help you out of pain and recommend services/products to help you live pain free, we are transparent in saying we can only do so much. We require our patients to put in some work, whether that's scheduling rehab appointments, doing exercise homework in between sessions, or encouraging new goals and benchmarks. We expect effort and determination from our patients so we can work together to get you living pain free! If you are looking for some of the best chiropractic and athletic training care available, then we have the providers and treatment options to meet those expectations!
  • What does "Get better, Faster" mean?
    We remain transparent and believe in providing efficient care in as little visits as possible. We want all of our patients to get better, faster without breaking the bank or wasting time. Most chiropractic offices survive off of recommending and selling thousands of dollars in care plans that are recommended for every patient. We cater our care plans to each individual patient and some may look different than others. We have well educated, knowledgeable providers and offer specific selected services that are designed to get our patients back on track and living a healthier lifestyle, without long term pain. Yes, we require our patients to do some work, so we can all work together to accelerate the treatment process. Basically, we want you to do whatever it takes to get better, faster. This may mean that you will spend some time and money in office up-front and then downgrade to maintenance once you feel better. Some may need more modalities (shockwave, decompression) to help with their chiropractic sessions. Some may need to spend more time with our trainers working on corrective exercises to prevent injury. Whatever it is, we will discuss options and recommendations in the New Patient appointment and answer any questions along the way.
  • What is your cancellation policy?
    We have a cancellation fee for appointments not cancelled/rescheduled within 24 hours. It is 50% of the cash rate of service that was scheduled and canceled/rescheduled without notice. We are an appointment only clinic. Most chiropractic offices offer walk-in appointments but we require an appointment to be scheduled for all services. Very rarely do we have openings and allow same day appointments. While we understand emergencies happen, when a patient misses, cancels, or same-day reschedules an appointment without providing proper notice, another patient on our waitlist may be prevented from receiving care and an inconvenient gap is created in our providers’ schedules. Please be considerate in scheduling your appointments to ensure minimal cancellations/reschedules.
  • Is Chiropractic Care safe?
    Yes! Our doctors perform a very thorough examination including history, neurologic examination, orthopedic examination, and range of motion or muscle testing, all prior to explaining to you the diagnosis of your complaint and recommending treatment options. Avoiding something you are scared of, or don't know enough about, doesn't mean that there won't be risks down the line from avoiding care. If you are scared to get a cavity filled, it will later grow to a bigger issue and you will need to get a root canal or extraction. If you avoid chiropractic care on painful or stiff spinal joints especially, you run the risk of permanent loss of range of motion due to spinal arthritis and degeneration, and/or major surgeries. We have numerous treatment options and routes of care to best suit your needs or concerns and will explain everything along the way. The main side affect from chiropractic care, if any, is mild dull soreness following the first day of treatment (like you just worked out).
  • Do you accept insurance?
    Yes! We are in network with most major insurances. If you would like us to verify your benefits, send us an email to with your insurance information, and we can look into it for you!
  • What are the main benefits of chiropractic work?
    Chiropractors are primary care physicians for neuromusculoskeletal health. We are adept at decreasing pain, increasing range of motion, treating radicular pains such as sciatica, and preventing the onset or progression of osteoarthritis among many other physical ailments. We treat everything head to toe, from headaches and jaw pain, to foot pain and plantar fasciitis. If you are unsure if we treat a condition you are experiencing, feel free to call our office and let us know what you are experiencing prior to scheduling.
  • How often should I get chiropractic care?
    Every case is unique, however we are happy to offer some of our general treatment guidelines we follow. Inflammation is the root cause of pain, so minimizing inflammation quickly is paramount in resolving cases. This requires a higher frequency of treatments initially, which we then taper off from as pain and symptoms subside. For severe pain or conditions we recommend a frequency of three times per week, moderate cases at a frequency of two times per week, and mild cases at a frequency of once per week. Nerve conditions like sciatica require at least two times per week, or else resolution is unlikely despite relief following treatments. Long term, we recommend maintenance care of at least one treatment per month for adults, and at least once every three months for minors. Maintenance care prevents arthritis from developing or worsening in the spine, and prevents most pain or range of motion issues from developing. Although we recommend long term care for these reasons, we are still here for you if you prefer to only check in when symptoms arise.
  • What is that "pop" sound you sometimes hear from adjustments?
    This in physics is called a cavitation, which is a formation of a gas bubble in the synovial fluid of your joint, which then diffuses back into solution. This formation of a bubble often creates a sound similar to a "pop". This does not in any way cause harm to your joint, and is very comfortable and relieving! If you do not like the idea of manual adjustments that involve a "pop" sound in the joint treated, we also have various other low force treatment methods we can use as well. You will get the same results with these methods, just at a slightly slower rate. We also offer Massage Therapy and Athletic Training (similar to physical therapy) if you prefer to steer away from adjustments all together.
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