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Types of Chiropractic Care

You probably didn't even know there are different types of chiropractic care. That's okay. This article will help break it down for you.

1. Sports Chiropractic (Our office's specialty)

In general this will be the broadest scope of practice style. Generally, these offices incorporate muscle release and corrective exercises as a standard offering with care, aside from adjustment only. They will also require more work from the patient in order to see collective progress.

You do not have to be an athlete to benefit from our style of care. However, these offices excel in managing sports injuries.

The adjustment style is primarily manual diversified adjustments (the most researched and board approved style of adjustments), but they generally still offer light force options like activator and drop. This office style will typically refer to prior (recent) imaging or refer out to imaging based on clinical need, as opposed to requiring it for every patient.

This office style will usually have other beneficial modalities or products, as well. For example, in our office we offer shockwave therapy, spinal decompression, and multiple product options all for the patient's benefit.

2. High Volume Chiropractic

These offices usually utilize and/or depend on x-ray findings to determine a care plan. Care plans are chiropractic adjustment focused, with a very high frequency of visits, and rarely offering other treatment modalities. Treatment in these offices are quick and easy, and usually require treatment on multiple days per week. These are often referred to as "adjustment-only" clinics.

An example of a standard recommended plan at a high volume office is:

24 visits over 3 months

First month: 3x per week, Second month: 2x per week, Third month: 1x per week

The cost per adjustment is cheaper in general as visits are average 5-10 minutes but the total care plan is often over $1k investment minimum and can sometimes cost up to $3k.

Sometimes these offices also work with medical doctors and nurses to offer pain management options like injections of lidocaine, pain killers, or steroids to help treat severe pain and maximize insurance benefits.

3. Light Force / Activator Chiropractic

This type of office specializes in light force treatment, for patients who request or need light force only. This is usually for patients who do not like the "cracking" sound of adjustments, or have a condition that is aggravated from standard manual adjustments.

It is expected that all other office styles should be able to accommodate this request, however this style of office specializes in this approach.

4. Upper Cervical Chiropractic

This office style treats the upper two segments of the neck only, and expects the rest of the body to follow suit.

In general, this style is best for patients dealing with central nervous system issues, or has had upper neck pain at the base of the skull that has been unresolved by other chiropractic options. A complete series of neck x-rays done will help diagnose potential factors causing this chronic issue.

5. Gonstead Chiropractic

Similar to the high volume style, this office style practices a specific manual adjustment technique invented by a doctor with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was a modified technique that allowed him to continue to practice.

This adjustment style is very aggressive (which some patients like) however, it is not comfortable for everyone. X-rays will be used to decipher where to adjust and how.


Have you been to any of these? Do you have a style you prefer?

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