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Our New Patient Appointment Process

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Whether you found us online and are still debating if you should schedule an appointment (you totally should!), or you already locked in an appointment with us and are wondering what to expect on your first visit, we will discuss the process and expectations of our New Patient appointment in this blog post.

When you arrive at our office, you will be greeted by the front desk in the lobby. If you completed your intakes ahead of time, you will be asked to check in our iPad and confirm all the information. You will also provide identification and insurance information, if applicable. If you didn't complete the intakes, no worries! We will have some time to complete it in office. We just ask that you arrive 15-20 minutes ahead of time so it doesn't cut into your treatment time.

After checking in with the front desk, they will give you a quick office tour and show you everything we are proud to offer as a clinic. While you can ask questions to our front desk, our providers will be the ones who can best answer any treatment related questions, so we can save those for your exam.

Your doctor will greet you in the lobby and you will be taken back to one of our exam rooms to complete the exam and treatment. During the exam, your doctor will perform a consultation and detailed exam, explaining how we work as an office, checking posture, range of motion, and answering any questions you have about your complaint(s) and medical history. If needed for your case, your doctor may send you out for imaging prior to treatment. If you already have imagining, please bring them to your appointment! If the complaint is something that can be treated without imaging, you will receive treatment and a custom treatment plan on this visit.

For the treatment portion, our classic route of care is to start with some percussion (a medical version of a HyperVolt or Theragun), followed by a full body and full extremity adjustment (we leave no joint untouched), and we return to the area of chief complaint to perform some form of muscle release (myofascial release, massage, cupping, scraping).

After you get adjusted, you may feel like a new person, that's okay! We're used to it. Your doctor will go over their recommended treatment plan and any other recommended services or modalities pertinent to your case. All of our treatment plans are case-specific, meaning we aren't recommending the same thing or the same amount of visits for everyone, unlike most high-volume chiropractic offices.

After discussing a treatment plan, our doctor will walk you over to our traction room where you will be shown how to use the remote settings. The traction tables are included in every visit and are used to open up the joints, perform some massage on the muscles of the back, and make for an easier and more comfortable adjustment. Our intersegmental traction tables are used at the end for the first visit, but for all returning visits, you will check in and head to the traction room prior to treatment! Don't worry, we will train you.

Traction is set for 10 minutes. Once you are fully relaxed and probably asleep, our staff will help you off the traction beds and bring you to the front desk to schedule your next appointments and collect payment.

We block out an hour for all new patient appointments and we know it's a lot of information and treatment in one day, but our follow up visits will be much shorter (about 20 minutes). We hope the hour gives you a taste of what we have to offer as a clinic and we hope to see you back for treatment and back to living your best life!

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