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The Value of an Athletic Trainer in a Chiropractic Setting

As a sports chiropractic office and team, we have various providers, modalities, and treatment styles that we offer depending on our patients' needs.

One of our treatment styles and services include rehab sessions or athletic training with a Certified Athletic Trainer. Like physical therapists, athletic trainers play a major role in injury recovery and rehabilitation. While the two are similar, there are significant differences between these two roles.

Adding rehab sessions to your treatment plan is beneficial to ALL of our patients.

Here's why:

What Is An Athletic Trainer?

Athletes work with athletic trainers on a regular basis to manage injuries and learn how to prevent them. If an injury occurs, the athletic trainer will work with a doctor to develop rehabilitation programs.

Athletic trainers specialize in preventing, diagnosing, and treating muscle and bone injuries and illnesses by performing therapeutic exercises and manual therapy. They are qualified healthcare professionals whose educational and clinical background in musculoskeletal evaluation make them specifically suited to work alongside chiropractors.

While you may initially be seeing us for chiropractic care, our providers will recommend that you work with our athletic trainer also, to train proper form and prevent further injury, and excelerate the treatment process.

Rehab Sessions at Pro Performance Movement

Our office has a large rehab room, with commercial grade equipment where you and our athletic trainer will work together for a session. Be ready to put in the work and even break a sweat!

Unlike most physical therapy experiences, you will be working one-on-one with our athletic trainer. You will first perform a movement and performance-based exam to help diagnose your conditions and then we create a treatment plan. You will be given exercises and a recommended treatment plan tailored to your needs. In these rehab sessions, you will be actively working on corrective exercises to restore full range of motion and correct the movement patterns that hinder your optimal health.

Our goal is to stabilize your condition and address specific injuries or areas of your daily life that created your problem in the first place. We will also address any movement or ergonomic faults, from daily activities or work environments, that led to or worsened your injury and correct them for the long term.

Building good habits and creating a routine takes time, dedication, and consistency. With a combination of chiropractic visits and rehab sessions, and the hard work you put in toward your health goals, we are confident that you will graduate to new levels of health and performance, and feel your absolute best!

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